Kid-Eze Therapy Services

The Listening Program

Christine Siddle attended The Listening Program (TLP) provider training course in 2007 and is now able to offer this as another ‘therapy tool’ to assist our children.

The Listening Program

What is it?

The Listening Program is a Music-Based Auditory Stimulation method that trains the auditory system to become more organised and to accurately process sound. 

Who does it help?

This approach has been shown to be an effective approach to assist children with auditory processing problems, and also those students who are having trouble with skills such as attention, listening, speech and language, memory, communication, social skills, reading, sensory integration, self-regulation, balance and co-ordination.

How does it work?

A suitable listening program is developed for the child, which involves listening to psychoacoustically (the psychological study of music) modified classical music and following techniques that are designed to stimulate/exercise different functions of the auditory processing system.  Generally ‘listeners’ will use TLP once or twice a day for 15 minutes, five days a week.  The initial program will take place over 4-5 months, with the TLP provider monitoring progress and making adjustments as needed.  There are costs involved in the initial set-up of this program.

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