Kid-Eze Therapy Services

For Individuals

Handwriting – Dispelling the Myths

Looking at the myths and facts around handwriting, based on current research.

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Motor Skills

Visual motor coordination and fine motor skills are necessary for many functional and educational tasks. It is also an important variable in a child’s handwriting ability.

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Attention Skills

The cognitive analysis skills of visual attention, memory, and discrimination develop in their own sequences.

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Sensory Integration

To make sense of our world and perform at our best, we need to be able to pay attention to the important sensory information, whilst blocking out the irrelevant sensory information.  We also need to interpret and use the information to respond appropriately to our environment.

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The Listening Program

The Listening Program is a Music-Based Auditory Stimulation method that trains the auditory system to become more organised and to accurately process sound. 

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Planning / Organisational Skills

Assisting students organisational skills using a number of tools including mind maps, visual schedules and low cost/low tech tools.

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