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The Rainbow Social Skills Program

Social skills

After trialling a number of other social skills groups, Kid-Eze Therapy has developed its very own ‘social skills program’. The Rainbow Social Skills Group is an innovative, fun and ‘colourful’ way to improve a student’s social skills. This group works on improving a student’s social ability to:

  • Look, Listen, Feel & Move (Gather The Clues!)
  • Recognise & Communicate Feelings & Actions
  • Use Correct Volume Control & Tone of Voice
  • Solve Social Problems
  • Greet & Meet
  • Have Conversations
  • Make & Keep Friends.

This group is specifically designed for students in mainstream educational settings (primary level) who are finding it difficult to ‘fit in’ with their peers from a social perspective. It has been specifically designed for students with Aspergers / high functioning autism, but would also benefit students without a specific diagnosis who are in need of help in developing specific social skills.

Some of the strategies used includes: Colour-coded parent and teacher workbooks; customized weekly social stories; movement and visual based learning (eg. Cue cards, sign language), role plays, practice levels, parent information sessions and weekly rewards.

For further information, please contact us on 97512881.