Kid-Eze Therapy Services

Kinder Kids (School Readiness)

Jumping!Encouraging the development of the following essential skills needed in preparation for school:

  • Playground skills - running, swinging, jumping, hopping, climbing, skipping, & ball skills (including catching, throwing, kicking, and hitting).
  • Tabletop skills - manipulating and constructing materials, drawing, writing name, colouring & scissor skills.
  • Sensory Processing – Making sense of the sensory information so that it doesn’t disrupt or interfere with play or everyday routines and ensuring that the child is ready to learn.
  • Self-Care Skills – dressing, undressing, eating (and using cutlery successfully), and manipulative skills to open drink bottles, lunch boxes and school bags etc.
  • Social/Play Skills – sharing, taking turns, co-operative play, expressing needs/wants.
  • General Skills – listening and following directions, recognising own name in print and paying attention!
  • Ideal for children attending 4 year old kinder who are hoping to move on to primary school in the following year.