Kid-Eze Therapy Services

Getting It Write (Handwriting)

This group is specifically designed for those students (in primary or secondary school) who are having trouble producing written work.  This may be because of a number of reasons which includes some of the following:

  • Speed (keeping up with peers on written tasks)
  • Neatness (producing writing so it can be read by others)
  • Endurance (completing the written task without experiencing ‘writer’s cramp’ or any other pain / discomfort)
  • Copying the information fast enough
  • Dictating (remembering what needs to be written)
  • Letter formation (knowing where to start which makes writing tedious because it’s not automatic)
  • Generating or organising ideas
  • Written Expression (remembering rules for different text types)
  • Presenting & Editing Work (knowing when and how to check written work to present as the final copy).

An example of how we have helped

The following is a before and after example of how our assessment and treatment works.

Before treatment
Handwriting example before treatment

After treatment
Handwriting example after treatment