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Shakers and Movers (Gross Motor Skills)

Promoting kids confidence with skills for playground and sporting activities.

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Kinder Kids (School Readiness)

Encouraging the development of the following essential skills needed in preparation for school including playground skills, tabletop skills, and sensory processing.

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Getting It Write (Handwriting)

This group is specifically designed for those students (in primary or secondary school) who are having trouble producing written work.

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Alert & Ready (Attention Skills)

This group is geared towards exploring and practicing strategies for general classroom skills such as paying attention and following instructions, staying focused, and looking, listening and remembering important facts

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Crafty Kids (Fine Motor Skills)

Helping kids “fine tune” hand skills to encourage greater success at fine motor activities such as cutting and pasting, building things, and using things such as pencils, scissors, cutlery, buttons, & shoelaces more effectively.

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The Rainbow Social Skills Program

After trialling a number of other social skills groups, Kid-Eze Therapy has developed its very own ‘social skills program’. The Rainbow Social Skills Group is an innovative, fun and ‘colourful’ way to improve a student’s social skills.

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