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05 February 2014 by Christine Siddle - 145 comments

The iPad is a continual changing device with its many updates, but can be very effective in helping children reach their full potential for learning in the classroom. Christine Siddle continues to keep abreast of the latest apps and iPad updates, and frequently integrates this into her treatment sessions to ensure that the student is engaged in the learning process, but also experiences success in areas they are struggling with. At the end of last year, she attended a workshop about the latest iPad apps to help promote more positive social, communication and academic skills of primary school aged students. This meant exploring a number of video and photo apps useful in creating social stories, among other things. On Monday 24th February, she will be attending an iPad workshop specific to secondary school students; looking at apps to foster learning / academics. Christine also has a child with a physical disability who attends a mainstream school, so has also had personal experience at implementing these strategies in a practical way both at home and at school. Please contact us if you are interested in booking in for either a brainstorming, a skills based, or a more comprehensive assessment. We currently have times available for this term, but they do book out quickly, so please contact us as soon as possible to ensure we can accommodate your preferred day and time.


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