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2014 by Christine Siddle - 1 comment

I visited a Primary School to talk to the students about what an Occupational Therapist does. This is what some of the students wrote about my visit:
She had lots of scissors. We learnt some people need right handed ones and some need left. We also learnt that there are always scissors for different problems. By Clea and Hayley.
Christine taught us how we naturally colour in. She told us that when we coloured in an edge we would normally turn the piece of paper around so we would still be colouring in straight on the paper and when we started getting in the middle of the picture you are colouring you go side to side. By Mila and Tempest.
Christine talked about holding our pen and she showed us lots of different ways to hold the pen. She had a whole kit of pens and stuff that can help us do better writing. It was fun. Taye and Jordan.
Today we learnt about finger actions like what you’re meant to us: fingers not your hand. There are lots of different actions and they are all really basic. There is push and pull, clockwise and anticlockwise. There are so many strategies and it’s really easy. By Jakob and Alyssa.
Christine came to talk about her job. She helps kids do things like writing, cutting and all other sorts of things. By Fin.
Christine showed us the equipment that she uses in her job, like vibrating pencils, different types of pencil grips and special scissors. She gives kids things like light-up pens for students to keep their focus. She gives them tests to see how fast they write and how neat they can write. Sometimes she needs to give them a pencil grip. By Taya.
Christine Siddle talked to us about pencil grips. There are lots of them. There’s prickly, soft animals and most of them are awesome. She helps kids a lot. Pencil grips help you. By Lachie.