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VCE Special Examination Arrangements Assessment

Special Arrangements for VCE Exams must be approved by The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). For assessment, there are three forms of Special Provision possibly available to students.

1. Alternative Arrangements to School-Based Assessment Requirements

Students are eligible to apply for Special Provision for school-based assessment for reasons of illness, impairment or personal circumstances.  Students are eligible for Special Provision for school-based assessment if their ability to demonstrate their achievement is adversely affected by:

  • illness - acute or chronic
  • impairment - long term
  • personal circumstances.

Students who think they might be eligible for this Special Provision must apply to their VCE Coordinator. For a medical condition, students will need to provide their school with a current medical letter outlining their diagnosis, and the symptoms and issues which will impact on their school performance. Students who have experienced a recent personal trauma will require current external evidence. Long-term impairments/disabilities will require a medical statement or recent intellectual and educational testing evidence (learning disability) and a history of how they have been assisted at school over the years.

We can provide assessments and (if appropriate) a report to support a school’s application for special arrangements (such as use of a laptop or additional time), to enable the student to communicate their responses more effectively. 

If a student is eligible, their school will be able to assist them by:

  • rescheduling assessment tasks, or
  • setting alternative or substitute tasks, or
  • allowing more time to complete a task, or
  • allowing the use of different arrangements to complete an assessment (eg. use of a computer, personal note taker, voice recorder etc).

If none of these provisions reasonably overcomes a student’s situation, their school may decide to determine their result from other assessments or work already done in that study.

2. Special Examination Arrangements for External Examinations

Special examination arrangements that are available for students with a disability or illness.

The VCAA recognises that some students with a disability/illness may require Special Examination Arrangements to enable them to access the examination questions and communicate their responses in a timed examination.

Students who think they might be eligible for this Special Provision must apply to their VCE Coordinator. The school must apply to the VCAA by completing the application form and include the appropriate supporting medical, psychological and educational documentation. If students have a long-term impairment, their school needs to provide details of the arrangements which have been provided for them at school.

The VCAA will not grant Special Examination Arrangements to students who have long-term impairments where there has been no demonstrated requirement for the arrangements at school.

Special Examination Arrangements may include:

  • rest breaks
  • extra reading time in addition to the official reading time
(if extra reading time is approved by the VCAA it will be incorporated into the student’s examination writing time)
  • extra writing time in addition to the official writing time.

VCE Coordinators are aware of other available options for Special Examination Arrangements.

3. Derived Examination Scores

Applying for a Derived Examination Score if a student becomes ill or experiences a personal trauma at the time of their VCE examinations.

4. Other Circumstances

Explains applications processes for chronic circumstances, compassionate late withdrawal or interrupted studies.


All Special Examination Arrangements for a student must be approved by the VCAA upon application from the school.

The VCAA does not accept applications made directly by students, parents/guardians or independent professionals.

Compassionate Late Withdrawal or Interrupted Studies

If an illness or personal circumstance has been so severe that a student has not been coping with the VCE demands, speak with the VCE Coordinator about Compassionate Late Withdrawal or Interrupted Studies status. The school will need supporting professional evidence if a student decides to pursue either of these options.

Chronic Circumstances

Students are advised to be aware of the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre’s (VTAC) Year 12 Chronic Circumstances Application form which is part of VTAC’s Special Entry Access Schemes (SEAS).

Check the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority website for further information: