Kid-Eze Therapy Services

Private School Funding Applications

Unlike government funding applications, we need to use specific assessments as outlined in the AISV handbook; we also need to use a specific report format.

The following information has been taken directly from the Association of Independent Schools Victoria Handbook – 2008:

Students applying for therapy funding must be experiencing significant physical difficulties. Applications for therapy must demonstrate that the student meets the criteria for Australian Government funding, and that the level of disability is such that the student requires therapy to assist him/her to access and participate in the education programme.

All criteria must be met

  • A significant physical disability or health impairment that requires the provision of physiotherapy and/or occupational therapy not otherwise provided by medical services.
  • Demonstrated impact on the student’s access to education.
  • Recommendation for therapy by a paediatrician.


  • A physical disability assessment report should be completed by a paediatrician AND
  • Report provided by an occupational therapist and/or a physiotherapist AND
  • Results of assessments must place the student in the 2nd percentile or less.


  • Separate applications must be made for physiotherapy and occupational therapy.
  • Applications must be made annually for therapy.
  • A therapy plan including recommended hours of service must be submitted annually.
  • The therapist must reassess the student and provide new assessment results every 2 years.
  • The recommendation for therapy from the paediatrician must be no more than 4 years old.


Under ‘Results’ on the application form, the therapist may elaborate on the assessment results and provide comment on the student’s ability and level of participation in the following areas:

  • Sport and playground activities
  • Recording of schoolwork
  • Friendships and social environment
  • Movement around classroom and school
  • Safety within the school environment
  • Self care
  • Attending to a learning environment and level of task performance.

For further information about the eligibility criteria, please phone the Association of Independent Schools (Victoria) on (03) 9825 7200 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)