Kid-Eze Therapy Services

Funding Assessments

We provide assessments and reports (if appropriate) for funding applications that are needed by both Government and Independent schools and preschools.

Kindergarten Inclusion Support Services (KISS)

The program provides supplementary support to assist children with severe disabilities to access Department of Human Services funded Kindergarten programs. This is not available for 3 year old kinder programs; only 4 year old programs.

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Public School Funding Application

The primary areas that require an occupational therapist’s level of expertise fall under ‘fine motor and self-care skills’. We may also add information to the ‘safety / challenging behaviour’ areas if there is a sensory reason for difficulties in this area. We can also add information to the area of ‘mobility’ if a physiotherapist is not involved.

Private School Funding Applications

Unlike government funding applications, we need to use specific assessments as outlined in the AISV handbook; we also need to use a specific report format.

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VCE Special Examination Arrangements Assessment

Special Arrangements for VCE Exams must be approved by The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). For assessment, there are three forms of Special Provision possibly available to students.

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Please note

The fact that a student has a disability does not automatically entitle them to Special Examination Arrangements OR to additional funding; they still need to meet the specific criteria as outlined by the above different associations.

It is also important to remember that although we endeavour to do our best to support your student’s application, VCAA, AISV, DEET and KISS do not automatically adopt the professional’s advice.