Kid-Eze Therapy Services

Feedback & Testimonials

Comments from some of our clients…

  • “The therapy was quite amazing, it was more than we hoped for.”
  • “Thank-you Christine, the time you spent talking to us eased our mind and [our child] is now joining in more at school.”
  • ”[Our child] enjoyed the one on one session with Christine, she had fun most of the time.”
  • “We have kept going with all the execises recommended, [our child] is also wanting to play outdoors more (e.g. skipping and swinging).”
  • “Watching Christine help [our child] gave us the tools for us to help at home.”
  • “We will continue to use the strategies provided.”

An example of how we have helped

The following is a before and after example of how our assessment and treatment works.

Before treatment
Handwriting example before treatment

After treatment
Handwriting example after treatment