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The emphasis of Kid-Eze Therapy Services is on providing paediatric occupational therapy services. If you are concerned that your child / student is having trouble doing things that other children routinely do at school, kinder or home, then this site will be of interest to you.

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Exciting news! As we continue to strive towards a family-friendly practice, we can now offer you the opportunity to book appointments for your child online at your own convenience. Just click on the following link: BOOK ONLINE. It couldn’t be easier! Of course we are more than happy to speak with you in person as well to see whether Occupational Therapy input is the right fit for your child.



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What does this actually mean? Well, it means that we work closely with the student, the parent / carer and the student’s teacher to identify and work on goals that are relevant for them. Research tells us that the more relevant the goal is for the client, and the closer it is to the actual skill being worked on (task specific), the greater chance the student has in achieving that goal. So, if you are concerned about your child’s attention skills as an example, that is what we will look at and work on and is what our ‘brainstorming’ assessments have been designed for. In essence, we change the assessment and treatment to match the child’s strongest areas of need which results in faster progress and higher success rates. Just ask us about our brainstorming assessments as an initial starting point.



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A brainstorming assessment is ideal for your child / student if you are uncertain as to whether Occupational Therapy Intervention is required or not, or if you don’t require use of standardised assessments as would be required for a funding assessment. If intervention is required, we can then discuss appropriate intervention strategies and just how much therapy would ideally be required. At Kid-Eze Therapy Services we generally provide shorter term intensive therapy blocks with an emphasis on your child / student acquiring the skills they need to participate at home, school and in the wider community with greater success and confidence. A brainstorming assessment only takes about an hour, and both verbal and written feedback is provided as part of the service. The report is generally completed within 1-2 weeks, so it is also very quick. We cover many different types of skills such as social skills, spelling, reading, handwriting (putting pen to paper and coming up with ideas), playground skills, and tabletop skills such as cutting, drawing and colouring. Please contact us for further information.



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I was recently sent the following email by a previous client’s mother which tugged on my heart strings and brightened up my whole day. It essentially sums up quite nicely how Occupational Therapy can make a difference in someone’s life.
“Hi Christine, Just saw a Facebook Post celebrating OT. Our family often say how thankful we are to have had your professional and caring assistance at the time we most needed it. My Daughter is almost 16 now. She always looked forward to her visits to you which at the time was an achievement in itself. She is now in year 9. She has travelled to China as part of the school program . Has nearly completed her Duke of Edinborough badge. She has been an active St John ambulance cadet for 6 years. She already runs her own part time pony ride business and enjoys competing her horse.  At the time we came to you I didn’t know if she would ever be able to cope with mainstream schooling. She now thrives in it. Just thought I’d let you know that although it is now many years ago we are always grateful. This has been used with permission from the author and any personal information was deleted to ensure confidentiality.

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Helping children at all age levels

We can help children to...

  • Experience success with tasks they find difficult to do (eg. handwriting, socialising, dressing, organising self, paying attention, fine and gross motor skills)
  • Feel better about themselves
  • Develop more positive attitudes and less frustration towards their work
  • Gain more positive attention or recognition from their peers and others
  • Achieve key developmental and learning milestones
  • Play and socialise better with their peers.

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